Here was a Miracle sprung by Words and Poetry

In the days after First Contact emerged from print, it sat in this grey zone. The book had found the reality of this world, but the world was yet to know about it.

One of my first social engagements during this interlude was with a fantastic new initiative, My Theatre. Founded in Sept 2020 by classmate and media professional, Kamal Krishnan, My Theatre is a community for theatre lovers.

As it ensues with such groups, all of us came together on WhatsApp. One morning, out of the blue, Kamal shared a reading of my poem ‘Good Morning’ from the book, in his soul-stirring, powerful voice. The truth is I’ve never heard my poem read aloud by anyone ever, so it stunned me beyond words.

And then, a miracle happened. As a response to Kamal’s reading, the other group members picked up the thread and began sending in their readings. What I heard were the same words, in different voices from around the world, making first contact with their new day. The celebration of another day in this paradise.

Here was a miracle sprung by words and poetry.

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  1. It was an honour to read his poem and more happy that he liked it. Soni and his life is an inspiration, the way he has translated that into poetry is truly amazing and shows his mastery with words.

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